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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Don't Drown!

We are constantly being inundated with the need to drink water. A lot of water.

I've seen "experts" talk about the need to drink water, and I'm not kidding, by the GALLON!

Yes, drinking a lot of water is helpful, and if you can drink that much in a day, you'll certainly help your weight loss activities and in general help your body to be healthier.

What these so-called experts fail to tell you though is that the "water" you drink doesn't just have to be water.

For starters, you should be drinking a MINIMUM of 8 ounces of milk a day. That then becomes 8 less ounces of water you need. Your body uses calcium to assist in brain function AND in mulscle function. You will actually lose weight faster if you drink enough milk (which is actually more like 16 ounces a day). That's because your muscles will be running better and burning more calories.

Then of course there is Crystal Lite. I wish it weren't quite so pricey, but the stuff is good. Even my kids like it.

My point here is that you do want to drink a lot of FLUID, but that fluid does not have to be simply water.

That doesn't mean you want to go out by 2 litre bottles of soda either. Remember above when I was talking about calcium. Carbonated water strips calcium from your blood supply ... which is bad, and all sodas are made crom carbonated water as their base.

Diet teas can be looked at, milk (and hey, add some Ovaltine if you want chocolate milk), Crystal Lite flavored water, and of course just good plain old water.

This gives you some options so that you don't drown in a sea of all the water you should be drinking.


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